Möm(e)´s story is about the unconditional love for the family!

Möm(e) is a Portuguese brand born from the love for our children …

… an unconditional love that protects, cares for and seeks unceasingly the best for children.

… a love that made us look for the best seamstresses, whose hands, full of history, savoir-faire and knowledge, translate passion, care and concern into each detail.

… a love that projects itself on limited collections with high quality and handmade finishing, made by unique people with decades of experience, who share their story through their work.

… a love, concerned about the future, that translates itself into the choice of eco-friendly materials to guarantee what’s best for you but also for our environment.

… a love that continues throughout generations by memories created through the stories lived through each cloth.

… a love born in Portugal that carries hand in hand Möm(e) and the concept of made in Portugal, around the globe.

Our story is also your story!


Love can also be found within our values!

Möm(e) is based on a love, that translates into our values:

  • Family

The love shared within a family, is projected the passion and care we put into each detail.

  • Quality

Our quality is reflected not only in the experience and know-how of those who bring our collections to life, but also in the choice of the best fabrics and accessories … because it is expected we offer to those we love most, the highest of quality.

  • Sustainability

All of our raw materials and accessories are 100% eco-friendly, and we work to reduce the amount of waste produced throughout our productions by always having in mind the importance of promoting sustainability and being eco-friendly.

  • Justice

In Möm(e), we value the work of all the professionals that collaborate with us from the very beginning from their designs until the production of said designs. We make sure that every individual we work with has the proper labor conditions, receive adequate salaries for their work, and that they are content and excited to work with us. We are a family, and in a family we should care for one another!

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