When the M’s meet

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When the M’s meet

This won’t be a normal blog post… for the simple reason that the two of us are writing it, and any part that may seem like a dialogue, is pure coincidence.

Madeira.a.Maria was created around the same time Möm(e) was, and I have been following its journey since the very beginning.

As a mother of 3 and founder of Möm(e), I was enamoured by Madeira.a.Maria right off the bat. Not only because of the "made in Portugal" aspect but because it is rooted with similar values as our brand, like for example a love for children and sustainability.
The first time I ever spoke to Maria was by phone. I immediately empathized with the juvenile yet astute voice, of someone who isn’t afraid to take chances and dreams of a better place for the children of the present and future!

It wasn’t long after that Maria accepted the challenge to make this collaboration happen, which you will be able to have a glimpse of what’s to come and how our brands intertwined through this conversation we have below.

(M) Maria, what is the story behind Madeira.a.Maria?

(M.M) Actually, as I’m thinking about which words to say/describe this adventure, I notice that both our dreams are focused around the letter M.

For you, Inês,
M for Mom
M for Möm(e)!

For me:
M for Maria
M for Madeira (Wood)!

Maria was born when a small idea sparked a bigger dream, and it was, of course with the help of my father that I able to do so.
I am currently in my third year of the Waldorf Pedagogy, with a specialization in Anthroposophy.

This life we live in, at both young and adult phases, it what made me believe that it is always possible to bring that magic of being a child and enjoying those moments, in our everyday lives.

Through this handmade process, the smell of wood, its simple form, the absence of emotion, is what ignites our imagination… they are what create the blank canvas to our dreams. My aim is to bring something new into this contemporary world we live in.
Dad is who brings the toys to life and I’m the one that introduces into people’s lives.

(M.M) Inês, Möm(e) is ...


It’s the unconditional love for family, for all 3 of my children, that have pushed me to believe that as a mother and fashion designed, that I am able to take on the need and likes of not only children, but of those that take care of them on a daily basis.

But let me tell you something my dear Maria… this love that translates itself onto the pieces of clothing, couldn’t have been brought to life by any hands. I searched long and hard, and it was only when I was sure that I had found the craftswomen, that we went forward with this. I strongly believe that only Manuela, Estela, Mi and Guida (to whom one day I will share the story of), are able to translate onto each garment that love for family.

Möm(e) is a brand that lives by the “slowfashion” concept. Meaning that each piece is made one by one, with details and finishing all handmade, and in limited quantities with a timeless design that is able to pass on from generation to generation.

All of our materials, just like those of Madeira.a.Maria, are 100% natural, because we care for the future of our children and sustainability is one of the pillars to our brands. !

(M) Maria, I think we have a lot in common!.. but I am concerned about the excess of technology and the difficulty in reintroducing those playtimes like in the olden days. How do you think, together, we can make a difference?

(M.M) I think just constantly looking for answers! !

I grab a lot of inspiration from you and from mothers in my everyday environment. Those who believe that it’s important to have playtime! Those who believe that it’s important to show our children what playtime is and its importance. Nowadays there are constantly new ways to bring back childhood moments into our lives, not only for the little ones but also for us adults.

Our “M’s” intersect in the values and noble materials of: smell, touch and LIFE!
Finding a solution is also searching for the space between the toy and the child’s creativity. It is giving the little ones the opportunity to simulate their imagination…
Encontrar solução para o excesso de estimulo é procurar o suave, e o espaço entre o objecto e a criatividade da criança. É entregar a estes pequenos seres o não óbvio...

(M.M) What do you say? Let’s do this? It’s going to be a great journey!

(M) Yes! Let’s do it! … I believe that together, we will be able to create something exceptional to help bring back playtime like in the olden days.
To all the families that are following us… stay tuned. because Möm(e) x Madeira.Maria is coming soon.

Madeira Maria Möm(e)
Camisa Fernando Camisa Arnaldo Möm(e) Portugal
Madeira Maria Möm(e)