´S.E.R´ (‘to be´ in Portuguese)

Möm(e)´s new Spring/Summer collection take us to happy childhood memories at our grandparents´ village, where we could be free, be children,

be someone to others and to the world…

A special thank you!

Designer by trade and artisan at heart, Ana Gonçalo is a dear friend who embraced, without hesitations, our challenge to turn our Spring-Summer collection into drawings.

Ana is the owner of Cinco Atelier in Covilhã (Portugal) where she develops her work and promotes workshops of textiles techniques. She gives major importance to manual work and slow living,

and she also believes that we cannot let the old techniques die, but quite the opposite, we must preserve them because they are part of our identity as a country and as a culture.

And we couldn´t be happier to have her work in this collection, so… thank you dear Ana!